What to see in Pizzo

History, gastronomy and the sea are the three fundamental components that make this city, Pizzo, a tourist resort undoubtedly among the most interesting of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast.

Murat Castle

Pizzo is a country to be discovered, starting with the monumental Aragonese Castle, of which our Guests can enjoy an exclusive  view, enjoyable from the balcony of the rooms with sea sight. The Castle fame is inexorably linked to the tragic fate of King Joachim Murat,  Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother-in-law, who lived the last moments of his life in its prisons, before being shot by a firing squad

Piedigrotta church

Piedigrotta church, included  in the list of the “places of the heart” by the FAI, has been entirely excavated in the tuff and is visited, every year, by numerous visitors from all over the world, eager to discover its uniqueness.


The long beaches and the crystal clear sea make Pizzo a renowned and well-known seaside destination, thanks to its varied range of facilities like equipped lidos, restaurants and bars and numerous free beaches to meet all tourists’ needs.

But that’s not all! You can enjoy much more! Pizzo’s summer nights are animated and   joyful thanks to the numerous cultural, musical and folkloristic events that will make our guests’ holiday unique and unforgettable.

Culinary tradition

Pizzo’s culinary tradition claims, among its most important products, the famous and delicious ice cream truffle and the tuna in olive oil which is prepared by master tuna fishermen since the early twentieth century.